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Iconic Actresses
For the Stars and those who love them.
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4th-Sep-2016 02:47 am(no subject)
miss monroe
Actors/Actresses: Angie Dickinson, Ava Gardner, Betty Hutton, Jean Simmons, John Wayne, Kate Winslet, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams.
Musicians: Billie Holiday, Christina Aguilera, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra.
Movies: Closer, Disney's Pocahontas, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Titanic (1997).
Television: Breaking Bad, Narcos, Shadowhunters, Utopia.


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21st-Aug-2016 04:28 am(no subject)
Celebrities: Alexis Bledel, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Kate Winslet, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr
Movies: Reservoir Dogs, Romeo + Juliet (1996), Romy And Michele's High School Reunion, Titanic (1997)
Television: Absolutely Fabulous, Orange Is The New Black, Penny Dreadful, Utopia


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13th-Aug-2016 01:15 am - 68 Once Upon A Time Icons
Here's 68 icons on the TV series Once Upon A Time. Some made for character20n20 (20 icons + 2 alternates) and 46 OUAT icons made for other icontest challenges communities.

32 Regina, 5 Hook & Emma, 11 Killian-Hook, 9 Emma Swan
7 Red-Ruby, 2 Tinkerbell, 2 Sheriff Graham-The Huntsman

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4th-Aug-2016 04:38 am(no subject)
Actors/Actresses: Ava Gardner, Bryan Cranston, Leonardo DiCaprio
Music: Christina Aguilera, Dean Martin, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr
TV: Better Call Saul, Utopia

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18th-Jun-2016 10:42 am - 100 Once Upon A Time Icons
Actress - Random
Here's 100 icons on the TV series Once Upon A Time. Some made for once20in20 (20 icons + 16 alternates) and 64 OUAT icons made for other icontest challenges communities.

19 Hook & Emma, 21 Killian-Hook, 12 Emma Swan
3 Robin & Regina, 18 Regina, 3 Robin, 10 Red-Ruby
1 Rumple & Belle, 1 Belle, 2 Group, 2 Tinkerbell
2 Sheriff Graham, 1 David-Charming, 1 Snow White
2 Maleficent, 1 Cruella, 1 Elsa

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23rd-May-2016 05:30 pm - Icons: Disney, Celebrities, stock.
actress | audrey | pattern

ALL ICONS HERE @ my graphics comm dream_fairytale.
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1st-May-2016 10:23 pm(no subject)
mad men: monotone joan
Bates Motel (15)

Welcome to Bates Motel
24th-Apr-2016 12:46 pm(no subject)
lost: sawyer bruises
Bates Motel (25)

Happy Murder Family Times
16th-Mar-2016 05:44 pm - 64 Once Upon A Time Icons
OUAT - Adorable
Here's 64 icons on the TV series Once Upon A Time, and one of the actress out of character.

15 Hook & Emma, 19 Killian-Hook, 8 Emma Swan
5 Regina, 7 Red-Ruby, 1 Merida, 1 Belle
8 Jennifer Morrison

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23rd-Feb-2016 01:57 pm(no subject)
p & r: leslie/cotton candy
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (24)

May the odds be ever in your favour
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